Our long collaboration with Garpa resulted in this unique new outdoor collection: a combination of weatherproof cord weave on top of a brushed stainless-steel base. The twined cord with its freshly vibrant hues, reminiscent of baskets and seagrass, has a beautiful natural appearance and blends harmoniously into the garden setting.

The armchair, with its soft lines and its double-sided backrests that follows the shape of the body, is designed to comfortably envelope the body. Light filters softly through the linear woven pattern of the back and armrests of the chairs, that are precisely designed to be easily pushed under the tabletop.

Tables in two sizes have been specifically designed for Amari. Their stainless-steel runners have the same shape as those of the armchairs. The slender tabletops with rounder corners are made of closely aligned teak slats that allow water and dust to clear through.

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